Saturday, June 13, 2009

Ibrahim Athif Shakoor

After having earned a BA in Economics and a Masters Degree from Monash University, Australia, Athif have served at senior and CEO level positions of some of the biggest and most diversified corporate entities of the Maldives including Allied Insurance Company, STO, MIFCO and MTCC. This has given him a considerable and a unique insight into the workings of the biggest corporate entities and an understanding of the business culture and ethos of the Maldives.

This journey of learning and experience has taken him through the Insurance Industry, the Retail and Trading business, Fishery and Manufacturing Industry, the Transport and Logistics, the Construction and Contracting Industry as well as Distribution and Servicing Industry.

Additionally, the personal involvement into the sale of fishery products to the outside world has given him experience and knowledge of competition at the International level and the hands-on involvement of the re-structuring exercise at Mifco; turning a hitherto loss making company into a profitable entity and sustainable one, has given him insight into corporate restructuring and re-engineering, which is especially relevant to today’s economic situation.

He has always been in interested in academia and for the last semester, has been a voluntary lecturer at the Faculty of Management and Computing of the Maldivian College of Higher Education lecturing on Business Entrepreneurship to final year degree students and is today a business consultant.

Athif is a writer and essayist and can be contacted at